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Save BIG Money With Your Membership

PHBA membership doesn’t cost, it pays.  When you join PHBA you also become a member of National Association of Home Builders and the Home Builders Association of Virginia.  Save many times the value of your annual membership by taking advantage of the discounts available through NAHB and HBVA.  Here are just a few examples.

Saved $3,400 on Vacant Home Insurance

“Our company had completed a model home in 2009. The builders’ risk policy expired three months after the certificate of occupancy was issued. Our carrier said we needed to purchase a “vacant home” policy which was very expensive due to the higher risk. The cost of the policy was around $5,000. I checked with HBAV’s insurance carrier, Premier Insurance, and was able to obtain a similar policy for around $1,600. The savings will pay our PHBA dues for years to come!”

Tim Cleary
Charles Ross Homes - Williamsburg, VA

Earned $7,000 in Rebates From Building Products Suppliers

What would you think if you could get rebate checks from 37 of the nation’s leading housing industry suppliers? HBAV’s Builder Member Rebate Program makes it happen.

“We have received well over $7,000 the past year and look forward to doing the same in the future. Initial set up was quick and easy, subsequent quarterly submittals took only minutes to complete and the checks just keep rolling in. It is not often you find suppliers willing to continuously pay you to use their products. Every home builder in Virginia should take advantage of this program.”

New Home Builder
Williamsburg, VA

Saved $500 on a GM Truck

“I negotiated a good price on a new pickup with a local Chevy dealer and then mentioned the $500 General Motors discount available through the National Association of Home Builders. Just like that he took another $500 off the price. It couldn’t have been easier.

Matt McQuillen
Tidewater Properties & Construction Company - Yorktown, VA

Saved $7,000 on Family Health Insurance

“The cost of my family’s health insurance was getting out of control. So I asked for a quote from the Home Builders Association of Virginia’s insurance carrier and was floored to learn that I could get better coverage for $584 less per month.”

Wade Garnett
Garnett Construction, Seaford, VA